Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Pattern of Mother Nature

Well, i cant remember how many times i've been at Bukit Larut, the place that i like the most on the weekend. Just ~5km from my house, less than 10 minutes driving to the jeep station. I like the atmosphere, fresh/ cool wheather, fresh air, the views, and the mother natures. The pictures below taken last two months during my visit with Yana.

The bird on the greeny leaves

I'm not sure the scientfic's name of this little flower, but its beatuiful.

Friday, December 5, 2008


I woke up in the morning before a friend of mine, Cikgu Rasdi called me to ask about the "strobist trial shoot" which have been planned a few days ago. Uhm, Sunday morning, I feel like my body love the pillow much.

Our model (my friend), Yana, came earlier. Since this is only a trial, so the dress is not our priority. We set-up the simple strobe system with two flash lights, with shoot-thru umbrella with a stand and a giant reflector. Most of the shots from me using 18-70mm lens, and Cikgu Rasdi used to grab his 70-200mm virginity.

DSC_8177 copy2


For this time, we didnt have any concept and theme. The main objective is to explore the effect of light distance to the subject, the angle of the light source and the combination of the natural light and fill-flash. However, some of the shots from me are only using reflector and naturally lighted. ;)

The last words from Cikgu Rasdi is, "We have to re-do this again, with the same model. my objective is only 60% achieved".

........So I am

Monday, December 1, 2008


I know her during my vacation at Pangkor Island, last October. I didn't know her before until we're sat side by side in the same ferry. From a short conversation then to a miles. She's a part time model, performed quite number of modelling. And now become my friend, and I am a photographer. So, tell which photographer didnt interested to shoot model or which model didnt want photographer to shoot them? The answer is, No Where!.

11 copy copyA